Active Lighting Apparel for Runners

As a research engineer (R&d) for MAS Innovation Pvt Ltd I was provided a mandate to develop the technology and business case for a wearable technology platform and consumer product that provided safety to the wearer by illuminating key zones of an apparel using active lighting technology.

Co-team member Tharindu Athauda and I developed early hypotheses for the product including developing technology specifications, testing specifications by working with technology and research partners such as Holst Centre and developing early commercialization strategies. The innovation consultancy, 4iNNO played an advisory role on this project and the project was supervised by Dr. Dilruk Yahathugoda at MAS Innovation.

Access to the platform and related intellectual property was provided to key brand partners via a B2B licensing model. Subsequently, the platform was used to create a direct to consumer (B2C) brand called Illumio owned by MAS Holdings, the parent company of MAS Innovation.

A detailed description of this project can be found on my Work page.

Note: due to the commercially sensitive nature of this project, key details have been intentionally omitted due to disclosure obligations

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