A Personal Story About Blot.im

This is a cross post from my Medium

Medium is/has been a pretty great tool for getting up and started pretty quickly. What I most love about Medium is its simplicity, especially when it comes to putting up a post after writing something on my phone using the Medium app.

After Medium started closing down some features like embedded posts, I became less interested and took down my content to figure out what to do next.

Josh Nicholas introduced me to Blot recently and I loved experimenting with it. I’m happy to announce that I’ve since connected my domain to Blot where I will be posting about some of the more interesting projects I’ve done in the past that most people may not be aware of. I’ve also got a bit of writing I want to put out there and hopefully, I’ll get a chance to do that too.

Blot is great. I can write posts in markdown on VSCode while I’m working and JotterPad on my phone when I’m traveling. The content can be hosted” on Dropbox or GitHub. There are some great templates, Google Analytics support and a write drafts before you publish” feature. Blot does not support custom server-side code and is probably best suited for blogging and setting up a site to highlight your work. For me, right now Blot is the perfect platform to host https://www.praveenjayasuriya.com/

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