I’m an engineer based in Sydney, Australia and originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I currently head up technology at the fintech/insuretech Coverhero.

This site highlights some of the work I’ve done in electronics and biomedical engineering, wearable technology, apparel manufacturing, data analytics, software engineering and fintech.

As you can probably infer, my interests are broad and diverse and will only keep multiplying.

Getting in Touch

You can always DM or @ me on Twitter @PravNJ I’m also available on Signal and Telegram. I also blog on Medium.

Site Information

The home page is a world-line of projects that I’ve done or contributed to and some of my writing.

Posts are organised chronologically.

Detailed information about projects can be found on the Work page.

This site is powered by Blot.

The data is hosted on Dropbox and Flickr.

The site was built using Markdown and VSCode.

I also use JotterPad to edit my posts when on the train or waiting for a flight.

Thank you for stopping by 🖖🏾

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